Cacheonix The Big Cache for Big Data

Cacheonix is a reliable clustered cache and in-memory data grid for Java. Cacheonix allows companies to scale their applications by adding more servers.

Why use Cacheonix

Scale your appplication horizontally - Cacheonix allows applications to scale linearly and predictably by minimizing the need to go through scalability bottlenecks such as transcational database and other shared serially accessed resources.

Maximize application performance - Cacheonix improves performance of your application by caching frequently-accessed data that is stored in a database or produced by time-consuming operations such as financial calculations, map-reduce or reports.

Reduce load on the database - Cacheonix allows you significantly reduce the load on the database by storing all frequently-accessed database data in a strictly-consistent clustered write-through cache.

Simplify cluster management - Cacheonix simplifies cluster management by eliminating the need for manual cluster configuration. Cacheonix cluster automatically adds new machines to the cluster and balances the load by sending parts of the cache data to the new cluster members.

Minimize GC pauses - Cacheonix makes it possible to create a cluster of smaller JVMs inside a server with large RAM. Because each JVM serves fewer users and uses less memory, the garbage collections occur at different times, so users exposure to GC delays becomes smaller and is spread in time.

Key application scenarios

In-memory data grid - Cacheonix in-memory data grid capability provides reliable access to application data while enabling linear horizontal scalability, low-latency and very high throughput and simplified data access programming.

Application cache - An application cache is a cache that an application accesses directly. An application benefits from using Cacheonix by accessing most frequently accessed data in memory.

Second level (L2) cache - An L2 cache is a cache that provides caching services to an object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks or data mapping (DM) frameworks. Cacheonix supports Hibernate, Data Nucleus, MyBatis and iBatis.

Key Cacheonix features

Cacheonix is licensed on a per-node basis. See details on the Cacheonix pricing page. A free evaluation license is included into each Cacheonix downloads. To see Cacheonix in action, download Cacheonix or check out Cacheonix user guide.